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SAFE versions of PHP: 8.3.9, 8.2.21, 8.1.29

How to change the PHP version my web server uses

Disclaimer: before attempting to update the PHP version of your website we would highly recommend that you make a full backup of it, just in case anything goes wrong.

First determine which of the following web hosting scenarios best applies to your website:

Let's now look at these two options in more detail...

Updating PHP on a typical 'fully managed' shared hosting package

Please note that exactly what options are available to you to change the configuration of your server will depend completely on the web host and product you are using.

Ideally  you would have access to a website control panel that you can use to alter the PHP version used to run your website. This process has some prerequisites:

Assuming that you do have access to a control panel to change your PHP version read our tips for changing PHP via a control panel here.

Updating PHP on an 'un-managed' web server that you have responsibility for maintaining

This process depends largely on what kind of operating system your web server runs on. Pick the guide that relates to your setup:

My ISP doesn't offer the version of PHP I need

You may conclude that you need to move your website to a new ISP. Follow our guide on moving to a better PHP host here.

I built my own server, what are my options?

Start here with our guide on how to manually upgrade PHP here.

Do these steps sound too complex or time consuming?

It sounds like it's time to call in the professionals. Check out our guide to PHP developers that can assist.

Article last updated: 21st January, 2021