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How to change internet provider to one using up to date PHP

If you've confirmed that your current web host doesn't support an up to date version of PHP the only likely option available to you is to change to another provider that does.

The process of migrating your website from one web server to another may be very quick and painless, especially if it doesn't need a database and other complex back-end services in order to run.

Migrations are not always simple tasks however. Sometimes a website and it's underlying code may need modification or quite serious rewrites in order to jump between two quite different versions of PHP. A site running PHP v5.x will likely need some changes to suddenly work on the latest release of PHP.

What are my options to migrate a website?

There are likely three options available to you:
  1. Get the new ISP you are going to use to undertake the migration for you
    If you are lucky your new web host may offer a free transfer service to move your website for you so that you don't have to worry about all the technicalities! Most ISP's don't unfortunately offer this service, but it is worth checking with them before you sign up in case they will in order to obtain your business.
  2. Undertake the task yourself
    If you have previously installed your website on the original hosting platform and feel that you have what it takes to do yourself then this is of course an option. Start by reading our summary guide to the process of how to undertake a website migration.
  3. Get someone to help you migrate the website
    It may be time to call in a professional to undertake this task for you. If you need help in finding someone check out our PHP developers directory

Will my website work once migrated to an up to date PHP web server?

So you've worked out what you need to do to get your version of PHP upgraded - great!

There is just one VITAL thing left to do and that is to TEST and make sure that your website works running on the new version of PHP. As mentioned earlier in this article, there is the possibility that migrating your site to new hosting may cause it to break because of changes to the PHP language and your website now using unsupported (depreciated) functionality.

For details on how to test your website on a newer version of PHP please read this article.
Article last updated: 11th May, 2021