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Updating PHP manually on Apple Mac OSX systems

Disclaimer: before attempting to update the PHP version of your website we would highly recommend that you make a full backup of it, just in case anything goes wrong.

PHP can be installed onto OSX in one of various ways as outlined below:

If you are already using the Homebrew package manager

Assuming you have Homebrew intalled, just follow this link to get up and running.

Install a bundled web server with PHP and database server included

Various LAMP like bundled software solutions exist to get users up and running with a simulated web server without having to go through various separate installation routines.

One of the most common is MAMP, which installs Apache, Nginx, PHP and MySQL.

Install PHP manually

An example of how to do this can be found here.

Are you still stuck?

It may be time to call in a professional to assist. Check out our listings of PHP developers that can help upgrade or maintain your website.
Article last updated: 21st January, 2021