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PHP expiry alert : PHP v7.4 has recently expired. Is your website still running this version? Click here for more details
SAFE versions of PHP: 8.2.6, 8.1.19, 8.0.28

When do updates for my website's version of PHP end?

Below is a list of all major PHP versions and the date they retired or will retire (if still actively maintained). Any version of PHP past it's 'end of life' date is listed in red and is VERY unsafe to use.

Any version of PHP that is approaching the 'end of life' date is shown in orange and should be upgraded NOW!

Major PHP version Latest version available Status & advice on upgrading Date of retirement
8.2Latest version available: 8.2.6Still receiving updates - this version has 2 years and 195 days of support left8th December, 2025
8.1Latest version available: 8.1.12Still receiving updates - this version has 1 year and 182 days of support left25th November, 2024
8.0Latest version available: 8.0.26Still receiving updates - this version has 182 days of support left26th November, 2023
7.4Latest version available: 7.4.33Retired, last updated 181 days ago - URGENT UPGRADE REQUIRED!28th November, 2022
7.3Latest version available: 7.3.33Retired, last updated 1 year and 173 days ago - URGENT UPGRADE REQUIRED!6th December, 2021
7.2Latest version available: 7.2.34Retired, last updated 2 years and 210 days ago - URGENT UPGRADE REQUIRED!30th October, 2020
7.1Latest version available: 7.1.33Retired, last updated 3 years and 179 days ago - URGENT UPGRADE REQUIRED!1st December, 2019
7.0Latest version available: 7.0.33Retired, last updated 4 years and 139 days ago - URGENT UPGRADE REQUIRED!10th January, 2019
5.6Latest version available: 5.6.40Retired, last updated 4 years and 149 days ago - URGENT UPGRADE REQUIRED!31st December, 2018
5.5Latest version available: 5.5.38Retired, last updated 6 years and 312 days ago - URGENT UPGRADE REQUIRED!21st July, 2016
5.4Latest version available: 5.4.45Retired, last updated 7 years and 269 days ago - URGENT UPGRADE REQUIRED!3rd September, 2015
5.3Latest version available: 5.3.29Retired, last updated 8 years and 289 days ago - URGENT UPGRADE REQUIRED!14th August, 2014
5.2Latest version available: 5.2.17Retired, last updated 12 years and 145 days ago - URGENT UPGRADE REQUIRED!6th January, 2011
5.1Latest version available: 5.1.6Retired, last updated 16 years and 281 days ago - URGENT UPGRADE REQUIRED!24th August, 2006
5.0Latest version available: 5.0.5Retired, last updated 17 years and 269 days ago - URGENT UPGRADE REQUIRED!5th September, 2005
4.4Latest version available: 4.4.9Retired, last updated 14 years and 297 days ago - URGENT UPGRADE REQUIRED!7th August, 2008
4.3Latest version available: 4.3.11Retired, last updated 18 years and 62 days ago - URGENT UPGRADE REQUIRED!31st March, 2005
4.2Latest version available: 4.2.3Retired, last updated 20 years and 269 days ago - URGENT UPGRADE REQUIRED!6th September, 2002
4.1Latest version available: 4.1.2Retired, last updated 21 years and 82 days ago - URGENT UPGRADE REQUIRED!12th March, 2002
4.0Latest version available: 4.0.6Retired, last updated 21 years and 344 days ago - URGENT UPGRADE REQUIRED!23rd June, 2001
3.0Latest version available: 3.0.xRetired, last updated 22 years and 225 days ago - URGENT UPGRADE REQUIRED!20th October, 2000

Do you need to upgrade your PHP version but are not sure where to start?

We have you covered - start by following our upgrade PHP guide here.

Article last updated: 13th October, 2022