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Troubleshooting errors having updated PHP

Remember, don't panic!

If you've just updated the PHP version running your website and you get either errors on screen or maybe just a blank white screen the first thing to do is not panic. It's highly likely that reverting to the previously used version of PHP will fix things.

Having reverted to a working version of PHP you now have a few options:

  1. If you have some experience of programming in PHP, undertake a troubleshooting process to debug the problems with your website yourself. If you do get just a white screen it's highly likely that errors are just disabled in your PHP configuration.

    It may be that you can either enable on-screen errors (by a change of your PHP configuration) or review them via a log file that is being generated on your web server.

    Troubleshooting exactly what is wrong is too big a task for us on this site. However if you have detailed information to hand as to the errors occurring when running your site on a current version of PHP a good place to ask a question is Stack Overflow.
  2. Get someone else to do this for you - it may well now be a good moment to get some professional help by contacting a developer.

Article last updated: 19th October, 2020