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Determine the version of PHP via your ISP's control panel

How to determine your webserver's PHP version via a control panel website

Your web hosting package likely has a control panel web interface of some kind that you can use to manage key settings about your web hosting package.

A very common setting in these websites is the ability to define which version of PHP you want to run. By accessing such settings you can confirm the version of PHP currently active and possibly change it instantly to a new version that is more up to date.

Many web hosting firms use the same control panels software. Instructions for using some of the most common are listed below:

Do you now know your PHP version?

YES: If you now know the exact PHP version your web server is running check this article to clarify if it is safe.

NO: If you need further help to determine your PHP version try the next step of writing a phpinfo script here.
Article last updated: 22nd October, 2020